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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  July 16, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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[music] >> darya: could monday morning to you, the top stories we're following allow extra time if you take muni. there are a group of supporters that are trying to shut down service. we will have a live report, we do know that there are disruptions right now. >> mark: two suspects are in
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custody following home invasion investigation. >> darya: get ready to reverse course as gas prices are reversing after a streak of going down and looked like they are headed the other way. >> mark: first we have a look at whether and then the commute. here is james fletcher. >> james: here is a live look from mount tancam, and possibly have some drizzle out there and this afternoon the fault should clear out. --the fog should clear out and we have highs in the '60s and '70s today. we will have a complete forecast coming up i will show you some of the high temperatures this afternoon you may be surprised by what you for the inland communities.
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>> erica: for everyone plan on taking new me, we do feast of the events on the j and n n lines as of right now, meaning head shuttle buses in place. you want to drive with extra caution and probably take a different form of transportation. for those of you taking the freeways this morning we feel it back up that the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza but other than that we have pretty like conditions for most bay area freeways. >> justine: just in we are following a developing story two suspects are in place custody after a home invasion and robbery that happened earlier this morning. police just found a second suspect hiding in the backyard of the area where the search went on. i can show you where this is happening. police shut down a four block radius around west washington ave. the
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police department says there have been a string of home invasion robberies in recent months. two suspects are now in police custody that is what is happening in the kron4 police newsroom--the kron4 newsroom. . >> mark: of police had certain claimants since saturday night he was suspected of opening fire on a police officer during a traffic stop. he was able to get away from the scene. police found his car a short time later and then apprehended him the next morning. he is expected in court tomorrow. >> darya: an update on to wanted homicide suspect the police believe they have the two men who shot and killed a man in the south of market neighborhood on friday night. they arrested 27 year-old anthony pratt and 24 year-old trumillion
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bullard. police turned that smith was a good man. >> he was a will like the guy, he was really nice, he was helpful when he needed to be. >> darya: san francisco detectives credit the union city police with helping them make sfpd a rest. --to make a speedy arrest. >> mark: watching gas prices, they have been dropping down another 75, but it looks like this slide may have come to an end. they say prices will stop falling because crude oil prices have not dropped within the last several weeks. right now the national average is down to $3.41. that is 205 cheaper than last year. and here in
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the bay area this is what you can expect to pay based on the average right now. >> darya: let us check the big board as the dow just opened this morning. we see the numbers are off by 74 points trading. >> mark: a quick break as the kron4 morning news continues. we have reports that protesters are trying to disrupt service says several locations. will tran will have a live report coming up. we have traffic moving smoothly here. hey, there's barely a line at space mountain.
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>> darya: we are much rain demonstrated that are trying to disrupt service on muni to mark the one-year anniversary of the shooting death of kenneth harding. will tran is live in san francisco taking a look at the demonstration happening right now. >> will: they are not trying to disrupt service, they are disrupting service. let at the infection of church and these protesters have been here for maybe four or five minutes or so. there are
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walking around, standing on the tracks and stopping the train from going across. not just the j, buggy--but the n lines as well. >> will: i talked with a couple of police officers and they said this point they're waiting for orders from higher above to let them know within should do. there and just letting them vent. there are maybe for shuttle buses waiting to move in and see if they can take some of the morning commuters on their way to their destination. they're hoping this public-relations battle because of people are wondering why they impacting us? if you want to protest the police and do it in front of the front of the hall of justice but they are choosing this location because one year ago according to supporters one man was shot and killed last
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year while he was running from a $2 muni ticket that the police department said he was not then at the time and that is why they were chasing him. but if you talk with the police department they said that he shot himself while he was running away. he turned around and tried to fire shots at the police officer and asked them a shot himself and the neck. there is a lot going on right now, the trains are not moving. muni fit--officials are out talking to each other trying to decide what to do. the shuttle buses are there. we do not see anyone going on the bus at this time. keep it here, we have interviewed for people and we will let you know what is going on. if you want to get around, this is not the place to go it is completely shut down. >> darya: it is interesting because you see all the cops lined up over here. there
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are so confrontational they're not even forcing them on the sidewalk or any other area there are allowing them to disrupt the muni service. >> will: it is almost like the feeling of occupied open when adjusted to the side and the thin due within one to do. maybe they will say just getting off your chest as long did you do not injure or damage any physical property if you injure anyone leave go. at the same time you can see there are police officers and maybe 10 or 15 motorcycle police officers that just rolled up as well. they are escalating this as far as the number of police officers, but as far as moving in that is not the case. it seems like they're not even directing their anger at any specific police officer or getting in their face. instead they're just marching around, going around in circles saying how they feel about genocide, how they hate the san francisco police department and they're telling people to avoid muni today not just give all of the other places in support of kenneth
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harding who by the way was a convicted pimp from seattle coming down here. they are telling people to just go ahead and avoid muni. >> darya: you have not seen any passengers at this point disrupted really, and we know it is just these two lines right now. >> will: yes and there was also a protest at third, but we did not see that we were there for about 90 minutes broadcasting live from that location we did not see any activity from that location that has long lived here. and as you can see, the motorcycle police officers are moving in. it looks like the officers have said enough is enough. we do not know if they will move in and making the arrest, but they may form a wall. you can keep watching and see what is going on. still, no physical confrontation. >> darya: but doesn't look like they will try to corral
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them to move out of the wave--the way. i know that some people have the right to protest but do they have the right to the industry? >> will: they have all the police officers in front it looks like maybe they're getting in front i have one offer to tell me to move back it looks like maybe they're getting in front of these protesters to allow the n line maybe it is to clear the tracks to at least that this train go by. it looks like he is backing away from the scene. but if he wanted to he could simply move across because your see the track are clear now. >> darya: wait a minute, which is the turn comminuted showed the turn that is now clear. >> will: that is for the n
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line. it looks like there is some method to their madness, that that they are forming a wall and they are allowing it to peacefully go through without being harassed. so there is one officer waiving the buses through. that is the reason why they perhaps formed the police officer wall. they wanted to release let the shuttle's go through to allow the public to pop on and go to their destinations. they are now --not being cornered or anything but a live five they're not afraid. apparently kenneth harding is mother is in the crowd. >> darya: for a second when the police moved in it looks like it was confrontational but it is not that way at
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all a look like more like traffic control with a lot of police presence. they just a form of the line to make sure with go through. they are allowing them to disrupt the new service that you see behind them .
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>> darya: so this morning, a few take the j or the n you may want to go to a different location where the service could continue. the two lines are affected by the small protest that we are seeing. we have a more peaceful protest and san francisco and lee back in a couple of minutes.
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>> mark: welcome back, we have been tracking a wildfire. we can see smoke and fire coming out, this started last wednesday. there was rugged terrain burning through and very hot weather of the last week. the firefighters have been injured so far, one home has been lost. at least we have cooler weather on tap that
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should help with the firefighters' efforts. the tested the latest forecast from james. >> james: this morning you can see all of that cloud coverage. in san francisco, you can see the wind is picking up. we have seen delays at sfo due to this. the let us take in the pit temperatures, they are solidly in the '50s just about everywhere around the bay. >> james: the map shows the warmest spot in antioch, now temperatures this afternoon will look like this. today will be noticeably cooler all around the bay area. in
7:21 am
the east valley could see 10 to 15 degrees of cooling. as we advance the clock, we are still looking for a mild day inland. the high temperatures will only be into the '70s we will not see 80's and 90's. we are looking for 73 for san jose, 71 for sunnyvale with the same temperature expected for other cities as well. >> james: we are expecting things to be a lot different than what we had over the past week. >> james: napa will be the
7:22 am
warm spot in the north bay and nearly 70 degrees. your three day i'll look called for cooler weather continued today and tomorrow. we have a slide in gradual warm-up plan for the second half of the week. we should be in good standing by a weekend and will show that to you. now on to traffic. >> erica: good morning james, i have an update on the many delays, the intersections blocked off by protesters. trains cannot get through the tunnels, so we do suggest that you need to use and other form of muni transit or you can use park. =--use bart. if you are commuting of the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is backed up from the 880 over crossing. the metering lights are active. your
7:23 am
drive is just 12 minutes from the foot of the maze to fremont street at this hour. >> erica: a live look shows that we are full of fog over the golden gate bridge. we also have some drizzling. you may want to use her when she wipers. we did not have any accidents to report at this time. >> erica: west bound 24 will show the ladies were speeds drop down to about 30 mi. per hour. we have to take a quick break for the kron4 morning news and we will be right back.
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>> mark: apple will likely announce their new iphone on august 7th that is according to a new report. there is not a lot of information released about the new phone. it is just expected to have a 4 in. screen. >> darya: youtube is
7:27 am
emerging as a major platform for news, while viewership for the evening news is still outpacing bill to get their news from youtube, this video sharing web site is a growing and permit were professionals interact. maybe you get some news from youtube or news organizations, but more than one-third of most watch videos came from citizens and more than half of most watch videos came from news organizations like youtube. >> darya: a sallie mae steady this morning says that families are using more cost-saving strategies to scut--to cut spending. more
7:28 am
students are living at home for that they cannot afford to pay for college. define the the average amount and on college actually declined 5% in the 20112012 school year. parents students said they make their decisions based on what they can afford. >> mark: we have a live look at our developing story, protest in san francisco and protesters are blocking the muni trains with bus service now put into effect. you want to go live and talk more with will tran to get the latest on this disruption. ♪
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>> mark: breaking news in san francisco a muni disruption is on the way, supporters of can harding are saying they're shutting down muni to mark the one- year anniversary of his death.
7:31 am
>> will: j and n lines are shut down i just finished talking with muni and a cms they clear the tracks there is nothing they can do. as you can see, they are coming down the street and protesting. the police department has been down here mantra in this all morning. about 10 minutes ago they moved in front of the protesters to form a wall. so far, no rest and no confrontations. --so far, nor arrests and no confrintations you can see them going around in a circle, they have their bullhorns, i got a chance to talk with a woman who says she wants justice for her son. she says that her son
7:32 am
was shot in cold blood for a long running from a $2 muni ticket. if you talk to the police department they say while they were chasing him he fired the first shot and while he was running he tried to turn and fire at the police officer since but in the process he accidentally shot himself in the neck. the bullet that they retrieved from his neck was not the same caliber that police officers used. and the protesters are not going anywhere. there are some protesters in front of me, many in front and behind shouting in my year. so far everything is very peaceful. there are no injuries to anybody. as you can see, the police officers are starting to put on their helmets. i'd say that is a sign of things to come, but maybe not. i ask them what are you going to do are you going to move in and they said they would just have to wait for some
7:33 am
decisions to be made from their offices hire above them. >> will: now looks like it could be over, and books like they're moving down the street now and sure enough, the police officers are hopping on their motorcycles. with the track is being cleared, may even he can live in now. >> will: excuse me, will the
7:34 am
trains go now? he said yes. now we will swing the camera over here. it looks like the in line will move through and make a right turn at this location and so will the j line. they could be back to business as usual. >> erica: it looks like good news, we see the n and j lines moving. protesters did plan on blocking both areas.
7:35 am
is meant to drive this morning and use caution. as if taken outside to disprove--to the freeway we are looking at the interchange it is slightly backed up, but really we have no problems in the east they still lighter than usual. the south bay freeway for the most part it's moving well. we did not have any problem for the peninsula or those coming out of the north bay. >> james: we have some sunshine in the south bay, from blue skies and some clout with a mixed bag here. >> james: today we are looking for more partly cloudy skies. >> james: today will be much cooler than yesterday. we do
7:36 am
have warmer weather on tap and i walked through that for your seven day around the bay coming up. >> darya: a man is in jail this morning after police say that he tried to work to girls into his van. it was friday night at line 30.
7:37 am
>> darya: pg&e want residence to know that they could smell gas during the test they will be doing this week. >> mark: we want to take a live look outside right now before the break. traffic is live look outside right now before the break. traffic is b[ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway:
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>> darya: the 2013 escape suvs being recalled by ford, there is a problem that could affect the brake pedals. they say it is actually the carpeting. this could prevent drivers from moving their feet from the accelerator over to the brake pedal. ford plans on
7:42 am
fixing the problem for free. >> mark: yes, the protesters are now on the move from the muni lines. we have details coming up.
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3q get irresistibly clean and fresh carpets in your home with resolve deep clean powder. the moist powder removes three times more dirt than vacuuming alone while neutralizing odors for a clean you can see, smell and really enjoy. don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. >> mark: let us go back to will tran who is a live with more as protesters have been
7:45 am
on the move with this muni protest. >> will: we are on the corner of church and market. the protesters went down the block, but the police officers and the muni workers were forced to stand in the middle of the road just to make sure that the protesters to not blocked the trains that are going through and that did not happen because of the police presence in the the protesters cost--because of the police presence none of the protesters crossed the line. one officer said right now what they're doing is facilitating as long as they protest on the side of the road, they're not physically harmed anyone that will let them through. but they say if they should mark--blocked market street they will have to decide whether or not to move in and make any arrests. we
7:46 am
will try to reestablish an of a live shot and follow them as they go. but right now looks like it is a game of cat and mouse. a lot of the police officers are scrambling, they will hop in their cars, the the workers blocked in their pickup trucks and follow the protesters and see where they go from here. >> mark: we had the in line and the church lines blocked. the there are no more lines that are blocked? >> will: no more blocking the lines. they blocked them
7:47 am
for about one hour. at one point even some of the police officers put on helmets and hold their batons in their hands. and they got really close to the protesters but at no point did the protesters do anything to facilitate or provoke the officers. then a very peaceful and very loud. there has been no damage to any of the buildings in this location. >> darya: let us go to erica with the very latest live in the traffic center. >> erica: as will pointed out we are seeing service resumed. earlier this morning we saw delays on the 47 and 49 due to protest around this area and at last check i believe the protesters were headed in the area of van ness and market.
7:48 am
>> erica: here at the san mateo bridge we deny having any problems to alert you to, we have your west bound right out for a foster city and at the golden gate bridge, it looks like we are contending with some drizzle as you make your way out of --make your way out of marin county. >> darya: ok now gary we have the dodgers leading. >> listen, the giants have to go out on the road for atlanta and philadelphia.
7:49 am
the main thing for me is to not give up on this guy because he is capable of the things. >> darya: i guess, but it was the astros. [laughter] >> darya: coming up, the a's have the rangers, the yankees, and they have nine wins out of their last 11 games. >> i think they're playing the three games over 500. the problem is, during the tough division with texas and with the yankees, i think they're right there in the wild-card range. it is a really good season so far for the 80's. but can they keep it up? that is the question. >> darya: this whole jason kidd thing, i am sure you know him, he was in san francisco and then on to
7:50 am
cal and everywhere. and then he just signed with the knicks and then got a car accident. >> yes it was 2:00 a.m. in the morning and the agent said that he was on his way back into the sea for a charity function. >> darya: know, he had just left this charity function. it is a misdemeanor dui but what i mean to explain did the knicks hire him to mentor jeremy lin? >> they did not hire him for this. >> darya: now you think that is a good deal they did with lin? >> i think everyone is
7:51 am
knocking him because he only played like 33 games. and all this and he's making millions of dollars per year but good for him. >> he is a great guy and ice with people have a lot going for him but not very smart with comes to that. >> darya: now some people may say that is too much to pay for jeremy lin but this drew breeze still--deal!
7:52 am
>> i think the first year he is guaranteed 40 million. he'd better be good and better not get hurt. but with everything that happened with orleans, there head coach will not be within this year and some of their other players will miss time he is going to be like a player/coach this year. >> darya: it is nice to see that this is done for the football fans. >> they always joke and say he loves his team and all that but it comes down to you want your money. >> darya: yes, they say he was staying at southern california all this time working out things and talking on the phone until this point. >> they supposedly one and
7:53 am
19 million but he wanted to average about 20 million per year. so i guess it is $100 million for like five years. it is fine as long as you win, but if something ever happened to him, he had new orleans right where they wanted him. they could not go into this season without the head coach and the quarterback. >> darya: thanks a lot gary. we will be right back. púwnw hello?
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>> mark: will come back, we have images coming out of nasa with a solar flare. some people were able to see the northern lights a lot
7:57 am
more south than usual. >> darya: check this out, this man was waiting 40 years for his vehicle to be returning he had a 1967 austin healey it was stolen in 1970 in philadelphia. i guess the guy never gave up, he saw the car on ebay he still had the original title with the vin number and they matched it, it was his car. he paid $3,000 for this and now it is worth $23,000. but obviously it is worth much more than that to this guy. >> mark: the has been searching for that car for 40 years, will leave he gets to drive again. we are following the latest with the muni protest that is underway right now. the
7:58 am
protesters were blocking the n and j line but they are now on the move, we have a crew following them and we will bring you the latest in a live report in just a few minutes.
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♪ converse one start tennies ♪ well, pencils, hair gel, binders. ♪ ♪ pencils, hair gel, binders. announcer: school takes ♪ (male announcer) this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 news starts now. >>daria: good morning the big store that we are falling. we are following this shooting of kenneth harding. >> and a drop on wall street today. the numbers coming out with the retail spending after the big surge in the retail market. >>daria: and the cool down. >>george: this cool down with drizzle. it is confined to the
8:01 am
coast. still however some sunshine inland we will see some sunny conditions for the inland communities but a cooler day. highs only in the 70's. patchy fog tonight a full look a your forecast. >> good morning. they have cleared all service disruptions however there are warning commuters that they could start to see delays regardless. certainly be aware of that on these freeways. however the approach to the bay bridge is a backup to contend with. your usual conditions on the northbound 101 and the 85 a bit sluggish. however there are no problems along the peninsula. coming out of marin county. >>mark: several delays and
8:02 am
protesters marking the one year anniversary of the officer involved shooting >>daria: will you have been following this all morning at now where are the protesters and what is going on? >>reporter: they are balking down market street towards van ness there is a delay in traffic. i can tell you that protesters are on the sidewalk. however with 15-20 police officers driving right down the middle of market street is causing a disruption as far as traffic is concerned. they are not doing anything but just picketing, chanting on the side. also you can see police officers walking side by side with the protesters telling them that they have to state on the sidewalk. and also to get on the to market street you could to get arrested. as long as they do
8:03 am
not disrupt market street they can do whatever they want to do. however, there could be a major issue if they will have to reevaluate. so far, no arrests, no injuries. >> based on what you have seen the word you think they are >>reporter: headedreporter their goal was to shut down that street and the airpark crossing market & vanness but who knows. they're not really that talkative. they are actually yelling at us and it is saying bad things. however, i can tell you that they are going downtown. just past van ness >>daria: as they are going, are
8:04 am
the gathering strength and numbers? from what we saw earlier there were blocking the muni is a small group. >>reporter: they are not getting any support. i can tell you that the people that are headed to work were upset. inside. and the protesters. if the have anything against the police apartment by all means go to that at the hall of justice. however to not impact commuters. they're not giving them their support. right now i just saw one officer jump out of his car running to the scene monitoring the scene here at market street. they are still allowing traffic to go thru van ness. market street is
8:05 am
towards the freeway. that is off-limits. >>mark: after you spoke with the protesters reason. what does the parents have to say about the reaction? >>reporter: day say that this is not a standard issue bullet by the san francisco police department. therefore it was not done by a police officer. they believe that it is a conspiracy, and racial profiling a. in
8:06 am
addition to the shooting of oscar grant. they know he is but so far, no arrests. still however major traffic problems on van ness. >>daria: thank you, will tran reporting. they are crossing market street right now going towards the highway. this is a developing story. we are also keeping a and number on the markets on wall street. this disappointment from retail spending down 50 points for the dow jones the third consecutive month that retail sales have fallen. the mark to suspects in custody in sunnyvale after a home invasion robbery. one was found in the back yard about one hour ago. the streets were shut down near the home. between
8:07 am
washington avenue in florence st. police were blocking traffic. there was a string of home invasion is in the area is not clear if these arrests were connected. after their shut down the neighborhood for quite some time. we are now learning that there are two people in custody. >>daria: the man who opened fire on a venetian police officer. and our rest has been made. after saturday night when they say that he was the one who opened fire on a police officer during a driver stopped and he took off. they have been searching. there was also a woman inside of that vehicle. he is expected to appear in court
8:08 am
tomorrow. folsom. >>mark: we will follow the protests and the muni disruption service
8:09 am
8:10 am
>>justine: this mod shot of j ason kidd, areested for d w i
8:11 am
and he was described as being incredibly drunk and had to be carried out. the friends tried to stop him from driving. however about one hour later he crashed his 2010 cadillac escalade into a light pole. >>mark: this morning the survey saying that prices will stop falling because crude has not expected to rise. in the bay area, you can expect to see $3.84 and a san francisco. $3.70 an oakland. $3.72 in walnut
8:12 am
creek. >>daria: decision 2012. mitt romney is setting his sights on new hampshire and possibly naming his running mate as forbobby jindhall,, also, president obama will be in ohio. candid it mitt romney is demanding an apology from president obama. president obama is refusing. >>mark: this cool down with only 60s. only clearing on the east portion of the city's ♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
>>mark: welcome back. slow down and muni disruptions. protesting the one-year anniversary of harding. this is near market street and van ness.. also, no decision has been made for the joe paterno statue. they have
8:16 am
received pressure to remove the sculpture. the sandusky trial has prompted this. and they're still not decided what to do. sandusky, is still expected to serve life in prison. >>daria: this is from tucson, arizona. you can see the flooding in the streets. even roads closed because of that big storm. knocking power out to at least 20,000 people. another chance of rain fall with at least 40 per cent chance >>mark: flashes of lightning at a canadian park. 17 people sent to the hospital. this was in the province of ontario. organizers
8:17 am
say that people have very little time to react. they have non- life-threatening injuries. >>daria: take a look at these floods and japan. heavy rains leaving many people stranded and dozens dead. it has caused mudslides with 28 people confirmed dead. there could be more storms with the torrential rains. wreaking havoc. over the past several days. with the flooding, mudslides and their records are swelling to dangerous levels. people have been buried in their homes by these landslides and swept away. this has prompted the temporary evacuation of thousands of people >>mark: in the bay area it is an action cold. james?
8:18 am
>>james: good morning. it is actually cold. we are seeing overcast conditions s f o. with at least 1.30 hours of a delay at s f o. right now temperatures in the 50s. san francisco attempt is still in the 50's. that cloud coverage providing an insulation barrier. still upper 50s and a slow warm up in livermore with 61 degrees. antioch, 62. this warm-up will begin and temperatures will not be expected to be warm up that much. let me walk you through this. 50s along the coast with
8:19 am
not seen that in a while but 60s and 70's inland. for this afternoon and not a lot changing. 80s. there are no 90's. we could get close to the delta and antioch possibly in the 70's. at this point, '60s and '70s and dominate. for mountain view, 73 in san jose. and los gatos. and the santa clara valley. and the east below-mid 70's and upper 70's at on the delta. mid 70's and livermore. cooler temperatures along the shoreline. san francisco, 60 degrees in oakland will be just a bit warmer. across the north bay you could have a difficult time getting out of the 60s. novado, napa prep perhaps 70 degrees but it
8:20 am
will continue to be cooled with the next three days. perhaps a bit of a warm-up on wednesday. and this weekend's forecast could be even warmer. >>erica: good morning we have seen the end of the backup of the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. things are currently changing in the past 10 minutes. traffic is backed up. this stretch all the way into the maze. the metering lights are on. it is an active seen. perhaps it has been cleared but there are large delays out of oakland into the city. if your using the san mateo bridge? a bit heavy but still moving in the westbound direction towards foster city. at the golden gate
8:21 am
it is moving. we have encountered fog and drizzle coming out of the north bay. on our traffic maps is slow and go. through the tunnel and as we check out conditions and the south bay some minor incidences including a stalled vehicle on the 101. the red is indicating speeds at 25 mph or below. and san francisco you could find some delays on the muni. because of those protesters. also bart is reporting a delayed because of a medical delay near bel ballpark/millbrae. >>daria: if you are waiting for an iphone? the new iphone could be coming out in the month of october. this report saying that it is nearer a keynote of
8:22 am
and on august 7th. in addition you can see the difference. between the iphone four in the iphone fight. they are not really releasing any information about the iphone -- no. 5 will have a larger screen and new casing. >>mark: you tube could become a new spot for. the pew research showing that video sharing sight it is a growing digital environment where professional journalists some interacts with citizen footage. over half of that footage has come from professional organizations but some can be a mixture from viewers and professional journalists. >>daria: week will be back. we want to give you a live look to the approach to the bay bridge.
8:23 am
the way to the current conditions in oakland. 57 degrees. a pretty cool day on this monday. we will be back. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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8:26 am
where a number of fighter pilots have lost oxygen. however these to our recent incidences do not appear to be connected. they are routine mechanical failures. however the ntsb is demanding answers. these aircraft are $137 million per piece. >> the 2013 ford escape has a recall because of a problem with the brake pedal the problem is in the carpeting. they are saying that it could punch up underneath and not allow the accelerator accessed because of the brake pedal space between each kettle. it is expected to be repaired free of charge.
8:27 am
>> thousands of people are expected through the olympics. he threw has less than 1000 of volunteers to meet & preet. they have also increased the number of immigration officials to check passports. this begins july 27th. >>daria: developing live stories and san francisco. there is a protest impacting muni. it was affected earlier. to market street. will tran have an update coming soon.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>>mark: these protesters are moving towards the union headquarters. they are
8:30 am
protesting the shooting of an at harding a one year anniversary of his death. according to the autopsy was shot and killed himself. the protest continues. they have been blocking the 'j ' lines of muni these protests continue. >> at 8:30 there is some sunshine but we are seeing a mix of sun shines. those are definitely more evident near san francisco. today partly cloudy. temperatures will be cooler. 60s and 70's. on the east bay that cool down will continue. with a gradual warm up as we go towards the weekend. all of your details coming up. and erica >>erica: good morning, james. it is ugly backup at the bay
8:31 am
bridge. one of the lanes westbound at the anne klein there was a stalled vehicle. however the east peace seems to be moderate. but heavy through the south-bay. speeds averaging 35 m.p.h. coming out of the north bay. you could encounter muni because of the ongoing protests. >>daria: let us take a look at the protest. with will tran, it looks like is a traffic being impacted? >>reporter: traffic is not being impacted at all. you can see the protesters on the sidewalk in front of muni. ironically they are in front of the bank of america. they thought they could have shifted their protests. however, according to the police
8:32 am
officers there is no rhyme or reason. who knows? there is the new building down here. if you are around here. traffic is not impacted and ironically it is impacted by the police officers because there are so many police officers. they have been following the police officeprots with the police cars. they perhaps started 1 mi. away on church street. and have moved. while the removing the officers were falling on foyt and in their cars. that has caused traffic to go slow. once they crossed market they had to allow people to cross, safely. the officers recalling the protesters on -- whaon foot they
8:33 am
are just watching these protesters. >>daria: the thing is, earlier. you could see these protesters blocking the muni. hear,--here are the disrupting service? >> not at all. however earlier the j and n line, but here they are not blocking anything. if anything, they are blocking the sidewalks. muni service is not being impacted. a muni bus is going through. van ness of course is busy but it is slow because of the police presence. and people want to look and see what is going on. but as far as the physical protesters of being in the street physically that dissipated when they got over to
8:34 am
market street to get to this location. they are in front of the bank of america location. they are protesting muni. however they remain in front of the bank of america. this all started because kenneth harding was shot over a $tw --$2 ticket >>daria: this is very busy right here. thank you, will. right now, it looks like public transportation is not being impacted. >>mark: this live look on wall street with the 6th straight losing day. j.p. morgan & chase with better-than-expected earnings. and also a drop in retail sales for the month of
8:35 am
june. the dow jones down by 33 points >>justine: this just in to the kron 4 news room joe paterno is family just put out a statement. they are denying that a special investigator is finding what is the coach of one of the high ranking officials who covered up child sex abuse allegations against sandusky. they have disagreed with the conclusions. this recent report saying that other members have covered up the ax of sandusky. the attorney for the return of family is reviewing this statement and it is not the last word. this just in to the kron 4 news room >>mark: san francisco police shot and killed a man on friday.
8:36 am
-- union city police shot and killed anthony prat and they were 2 of the killing of gary smith people knew. smith. >> he was well liked. he was really nice, helpful. he was a well liked person. >>mark: san francisco detectives credit the police for the quick arrest. after the pole over, a police dog found them hiding nearby. there is solid evidence and not to convict them of murder. >>daria: the man is in jail after trying to vote lure trying to dashed-- lure to
8:37 am
girls into his van. the girls took off and police later arrested him at his home. he is facing a felony charge with the intent of a lewd act toward the child to read
8:38 am
8:39 am
>>mark: welcome back. it is cold
8:40 am
out there. with 58 degrees temperatures only reaching the 60s. we could warm up a bit by next weekend. however that fog and heavy drizzle. >>daria: nasa has a time lapse a video of this solar flare. the geomagnetic storm was supposed to hit the weekend to the planet earth. however, people were still able to see the northern lights further south than usual. this is actual normal activity the sun is in its peak of its solar cycle which is expected to be 2013. >>mark: tom bates, the mayor of berkeley is endorsing safety
8:41 am
training. he says that the city's training has failed. 20 percent of these employees have been hurt in the first five months on the job. they say that it could be double if not something is done. also all firefighters showing an increase in reported a incidences of work-related on the job. >>daria: pg&e is testing for gas lines. water pressure on line 109 thru the 1-280 between wilmington way and venting near
8:42 am
kenyato road and edgewater.. if you do smell gas cannot be alarmed. >>mark: sluggish traffic. we will be back.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> blackhawk county sheriff have saying that they have still been searching the lakes and questioning people in the area.
8:46 am
>> this is the fourth month of the missing teen, sierra lamar. torres is going to be in court in connection with the disappearance. >> this was in houston while there were plans t--playing soccer. lightning was struck. this flooding has impacted 50- 100 homes. >> this fog is the story. >>james: take a look at the golden gate bridge camera. this is exemplified what we are dealing with and that drizzle toward the moisture on the camera lens. this is what the commute looks like on the 101 toward the south bay act leasing some sunshine. in the east bay
8:47 am
where temperatures are even dry. the south bay -- are christine some sunshine actually seen some sunshine. that golden gate shot showing temperatures in the 50's. and even 60s. antioch. pleasanton, livermore, also in the 60s. 64 in sunnyvale. and low mid 50s over the north bay. however this afternoon we will see the future cast looking for partly cloudy skies and cool conditions, everywhere. temperatures should develop over the course of the afternoon. by noon, the 50s, 60s, 70s. a pretty tight temperature range. and the picture does not change a whole lot. we're still going to be dealing with cooler conditions along the coast.
8:48 am
hand the shoreline and the peninsula. with a mixture of 60s and 70s for the inland valleys. in fact, there will be noticing the cooler conditions and over the weekend. this quick look showing only 74 degrees, inland that is a big difference. that is a 10 degree difference from yesterday. tomorrow also be " but a warm-up, gradually. by the end of the week. although it is unseasonably cool. do not worry. summer-like weather is just a around the corner. and there,? >>erica: good morning, jan james--. that stalled vehicle has been cleared. that break up to the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is starting to recover but still choppy. the
8:49 am
san mateo bridge update it looks like traffic is also recovering mirror 92 towards foster city. with fog and heavy drizzle out of the north bay. according to the chp there is a car on fire north of 101 near the toll plaza. it is blocking the slow lane. on these maps, typical slow & co. westbound 24 still jammed. heading towards the tunnel. >>daria: 8:49. on highway 87 is opened after a car fire this morning. there was a crash at 2:00 a.m. three people left the scene. one person was injured in the crash but we could not have any update on that injury. >>mark: police are searching
8:50 am
for vandals with wires cut near twin peaks. this was reported yesterday morning it looks like vandals have entered the facility but did not steal anything. civil services were not impacted but the fbi is being impacted >>daria: families use more cost saving strategies to cut college and the past academic years. choosing more economical schools and also living at home to help of four college. the average amount spent on college declined by 5% in 2011-12 school year. they based on those decisions on what they're able to pay. >>mark: continue to follow this developing story from the protesters. with an effort to try to disrupt service. and also the 'j' lines know they are
8:51 am
moving over san francisco towards muni headquarters we are live with an update, coming up ♪ great idea. so we'll switch to u-verse tv and internet... that's just what we need... i got accepted into juilliard. [ dad ] that's great! can we talk about wireless plans? now we can video-chat. and faster internet... [ female announcer ] with at&t u-verse, you can build a personalized bundle to fit your needs.
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>>daria: the big movie at the box office is coming up. first, ice age. the top burner. how many times will hugo. ice ages number one. spider-man is another great one. 'ted'.. not
8:55 am
expected for children but expectedmark wahlberg, a bit crude. this car that was stolen 40 years ago was reunited. this 1967 was swiped in philadelphia in 1970. he never stopped looking. he says that he thought it was on ebay. in deed he still had the title with stillvin.. and that from 40 years ago. he paid $3,000, no it is worth 23 tausan dollars. but it is not what just the money. >> what a great feeling to be able to find it. >>mark: still, crowds gathering
8:56 am
at the san francisco aids walk at golden gate park. they completed a 6.2 mi. wall. musical acts performed. and local politicians were and that the crowd. >> there was absolutely nothing better than being on any aids will come a san francisco 30,000 people coming together to do a really wonderful thing for this city. >>mark: organizers say that the first since 1987, only had 6000 people. this had the of $3 million. >> this has a a more in doubt that the seven day forecast. in depth -- look. cold today, cooler tomorrow and will begin
8:57 am
to warm up towards the weekend. take a look! the normal temperature range. >>caller: toward now and it is going to be chilly. our big developing story is the disruption of service. they are gathered outside people tell you more about this disruption coming up in two minutes. [ dog barks ]
8:58 am
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8:59 am
♪ >>daria: the big story we are following is a protest going on in accurate supporters of a man who was shot, kenneth harding
9:00 am
are trying to disrupt muni service. this is the one-year anniversary of his death. he ended up dying after evading a $two fair --- a $2 fare... >>reporter: new information from the mother of kenneth harding is that the protesters plan on disrupting and protesting all day. where will they go from here? she says that she is not going to go into detail but they plan on having a vigil where he ultimately died. you can see these people have been here for about one hour. they started off at church. blocking the n and
9:01 am
the j line. after they got their point across they moved over to market street. that is exactly what three dead. this has nothing to do with the bank of america. however they do not know why they are in front of the bank of america building. traffic is slow and go through the van ness. the officers have been forced to follow these protesters through downtown san francisco. they have been occupying at least one lane. there are rumors that they could be going to the federal building but that has not been confirmed. they want to keep the police officers on their toes. their plan is to allow them to vent, yell. they have been bored tourist using profanity. however the police officers have not
9:02 am
moved and. they have been -- using profanity and. if they do block traffic, however then they will reevaluate and see if they need to make arrests. so far, peaceful. no damage to any of these cars as we were walking north of this building. according to the mother is just getting started. >>daria: we will keep an eye on that and if mass transit is being impacted? >>erica: the metro and the regular bus service so far, not being impacted but you could find service disruption to of the day it is difficult to predict. perhaps find alternate routes. if your taking the roads
9:03 am
the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza finally seen the end of the belt up. the metering lights still on the throw this morning. at backup -- finally recovering. the san mateo also a bit better. and still heavy fog at the 101. the sensors are showing plenty of green with speeds over 50 m.p.h.. >>james: with pleasant conditions sunshine and blue skies in the san jose. yes, we are dealing with drizzle along the coast. this afternoon we are looking for clear skies and sunshine, inland. however today will be cooler compared to yesterday. inland, temperatures
9:04 am
only got to the 70's last week and only 60s, yesterday. we are only expecting 60s, again today. your extended forecast in just a minute. >>mark: this suspect is now in custody after a home invasion robbery in sunnyvale. the search ended with the discovery of one suspect soon and the discovery of another suspect about one or later. they stopped local traffic. there has been a string of home invasions in this area and now there are two people in custody. >>daria: this manhunt is over after he opened fire. robert forster was a arrested -
9:05 am
folster was arrested after he opened fire after a traffic stop. police have found the vehicle a short time later and they arrested folster the next morning he will be in court tomorrow. >>mark: bangles and twin peaks --vandals in twin peaks cut wires but did not seem to steal anything. no disruption to civil services but the fbi was communicated. >>daria: let us take a look at the wildfire that is burning and california up. this has destroyed a home and three buildings. this smoke. nearly four square miles. soon it is proving to be very dangerous from this rugged terrain over 12
9:06 am
firefighters have been hurt battling these. with 170 homes, threatened. >>mark: keeping our eyes on wall street. the dow jones is trying to recover from losses. we will speak with rob black in 10 minutes. >>justine: this just in to the kron 4 news room the penn state president just sent out a message as the university community is still digesting the scandal over to a hundred 60 pages. were they have been trying to cover up the sex abuse. i put the entire statement on my twitter account. here is a portion of this statement that they released. .. again you can read the tire
9:07 am
report on my toward the entire- report on my twitter feed. >>daria: not looking for very high temperatures. and also our traffic and what is the challenge with mass transit. the muni protest is alive. they are blocking the sidewalk and earlier there were blocking any traffic. we will stay on the us and keep you updated. ♪
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
welcome back 2000 people have lost power from these monsoon storms moving through. >>daria: heavy rains have left hundreds of people cut off from the outside world and even a couple of dozen dead in southwest japan from all of this flooding. baja 28 people confirmed dead. inundated with rain is wreaking havoc over these areas. there has been flooding, mudslides and these rivers swelling. people have been killed after being buried
9:11 am
in their homes with overflowing rivers and mudslides. you can see it has attempted to come tapper-early--evacuation's. taboret evacuation's. >> this live look. with the temporary evacuation is in japan.
9:12 am
9:13 am
9:14 am
>>daria: continuing to monitor these protests. because of the shooting of the one-year anniversary of canada parting. they have been disrupting the lives of j and 'n'.. now, they have moved to their protests on market street. >>mark: looking at the market's joining us is rob black. >> good morning. >> wall street? >> we have seen some tech stocks and higher yield than a hole
9:15 am
about microsoft and ms nbc? >> no more. >> this takes us back to 1996. with microsoft and as nbc were the first to market a website with 24 hour news. however they are now taking over their property trying to deflate a different angle. in 1996, things were much different on the world wide web with search engines. now it is all about mobile applications. >> with all of your internet they've lost $10 billion in at
9:16 am
the last seven years! >> they do have with plenty of losses. however, there are still a dominant player. there still an aggressive company and the forefront of technology. apple, however i do have ample stock. i also on the microsoft stock. i like the dividend of apple. -- microsoft >> when they opened up with the devastation and the next scene is that he is clean cut. it is intelligent. it is showing you that cable is doing it right. cable however has had some bonds in the past. for whatever reasons, negotiations are back on the table i like it. that is with the quality is. companies
9:17 am
that put the shows like to half men. they are looking at smarter people to put better rating on. >> correct like hbo. the model for people to pay to get your network? >> do not forget that good writing, good shows will be some essentials for future growth. >> siri off. >> this article continues and i have extra have this child and yell at me to shut up. however, people to not know who victim corp. is. and apple has a bit of
9:18 am
a dysfunctional product but we still loved it, we still use it >> can i say that the change is possible to british english it is perhaps more likable. >> i did not know that >> as a child i remember voice activation thinking that it was the future. technology and voice activation still has a way to go. and i see that my home and car still has issues. the immature leaf lin was recently released and now they're going to let him go to houston. big box!
9:19 am
>> he is an asian-american player. whit that said. new york wants to win the championship. i like this story because it is that sports is a business. as you mentioned, he is just an average player. china is the second largest economy. the nba is going after that, aggressively. fight remembered boxing in the 1950's, the 1960's, the great white hope. these stories. we want these stories. with big stories. >>mark: now huston's could be cashing in? >> correct. {laughter} >> thank you. 9:19. change?
9:20 am
>>james: the forecast looking pretty decent with some sunshine. the clouds are beginning to decrease with temperatures improving. that will leave us with a nice afternoon but it will be a cooler one. here are the temperatures. san francisco, 54 degrees. san jose, 62 degrees. you can see this beginning to shift with more 60s. in fact, we are warming up you can see the larger view. sunnyvale, antioch, 60s with mid '50s in the santa rosa, san francisco. and a san jose, 62 degrees. temperatures this afternoon will be cooler than yesterday. let us take a look at future cast. at noon, 50s along the coast and a mixture of 50s and 60s, inland. watch. towards 3:00 p.m., 50s,
9:21 am
60s, '70s we are not going to see that warm-up like we did last week temperatures were in the 90's, 100!. today we will be maxed out only in the mid 70's at best. in the south-bay we are looking for 50s and 60s with 70's in santa clara. shifting to the east bay. a bit cooler along the coast. mid-60s. going inland absent are those 80s with the 70's in concord low- mid 70's for the san ramon valley. only upper 70's and the san ramon valley. 76 degrees expected in dublin, livermore. here is what we can expect in san francisco with 60 degrees. towards oakland, 64 degrees, mild. even the north bay, why in the
9:22 am
country near napa 71 country and win country will be 70.. >>erica: good morning. that backup to the approach to the bay bridge is gone there was a stalled vehicle that impacted the commute from oakland to towards the city. however for the most part it is flowing freely. and on behalf these metering lights are still active. smooth sailing. there are no incidences to report. heading west towards foster city we're still contending with fog & drizzle. coming out of the north bay. on the traffic maps
9:23 am
we have cleared showing on the east shore freeway. going to the westbound 24. as return the attention to the south-bay it is heavier-than-usual. coming out of san jose toward cupertino approaching the 87 interchange and as we turn our attention towards the peninsula it looks like smooth sailing to read >>justine: this just in to the kron 4 news room those two americans that were held captive in egypt have been released one of those americans was a pastor and boston. sinai and cairo they were on a church trip and he was taken. however, negotiations have been successful in the
9:24 am
release of those two american tourists. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better.
9:27 am
>>mark: welcome back. the f 22 raftor are not related to the recent reports of fighter pilots being exposed to a lack of oxygen during flight. these maiden voyages are considered regular maintenance problems. this prompted act of congress to send a letter demanding answers. however these were not related. again this is the fleet of 60. over $130 million dollars -- for peace. >> the 2013 ford escape as to be - suv has a recall.. ford
9:28 am
will fix this gas pedal conflicting with the floor mat and brake pedals spacing. it is expected to be fixed for free from ford. >> this live look. we will keep you updated on the latest information on the muni protests. having a live update coming up, next. ♪
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>mark: welcome back. the muni protests in efforts to disrupt service. we have live coverage
9:31 am
outside of the muni headquarters. >> they were outside and now they left just a few moments ago. police officers were saying that they were going to remove many of their officers. there are now only three officers. as soon as the officers left, the protesters left. you can see some of them. part of the protesters, like the one in the san francisco giants. some of them even part in their cars. they walked up to church street to protest their. once that crowd has dissipated. ironically, many of them even using muni to leave the scene. this was the scene where exactly one year ago were harding was shot. he was evading a muni
9:32 am
fair however, the challenge is weather or not muni police have shot him or if he shot himself. protests could continue. we spoke to a commander from the san francisco police department. he says as long as these protests are peaceful. they can protest as long as they are peaceful we are not going to make arrests. however if they start damaging property or physically grabbing somebody. also they will keep it traffic flowing as best as they can. they did lock market and octavia which is a huge intersection. getting onto the 280 once the
9:33 am
blocked that that is one a moved in, aggressively. once the protesters saw the aggression they relocated. they never grasped the protesters this has been ongoing. they will have a vigil at 5:00 p.m.. >> thank you. >>erica: good morning. so far, no delays reported but they do warn and to be cautious that it could certainly changes throughout the day to day. we will keep you updated. for those of you heading out. these live look showing fog, drizzle at the golden gate but most of the freeways in the east bay and is running smoothly. if the peninsula is just a light, easy drive to. you can see there are no major delays.
9:34 am
>>james: thank you, erica. showing you plenty of sunshine and cloudy conditions this morning confined to san francisco in the peninsula. mainly the north a coastline. however more sunshine expected inland. temperatures started in the 50s but now we're starting to see more 60s. we are looking for more 60s and clear conditions as this week progresses. with only 70 degrees expected inland. patchy fog clouds will return as we go towards tonight. more on your extended forecast, coming up. >> this man is in jail after he tried to lower to girls into his van friday night. he drove up to the girls and his white van and offer them money. the girls took off. later he was arrested. at
9:35 am
his home. >> we are watching the arrests these two men believed to shot and killed a man at the market district. they were arrested and union city. this is in connection of gary smith killing on friday. people who knew him say that he was very nice. >> he was a very nice guy. he was helpful. phelp these were both pulled over, and san francisco dogs found them nearby. >> tom bates is planning for safety training for a spike in injuries. to the first responders. police and fire fighters on the job injuries are
9:36 am
much higher than the state and national average. the training program has filled with 20% have been hurt in the first five months of the year. the council has been warned that if this trend continues. to double at 30%. 22 percent of firefighters reported injuries from january to the month of may which is also an increase. for >>mark: we are watching the markets. continuing our retail sluggish sales for three third consecutive month. >> the iphone could be the month of october for releasing the next generation for the iphone 5
9:37 am
. you can see the difference. what they expect to see the difference. they will have a larger screen and a new casing. and all i wonder is that when are they going to have my iphone for work better?. maybe i can actually get better reception. >> and a new case? >> we will be right back. i love it lightest wish that it would work. -- i love and i just wish that it would work. i am going to go to the apple store, soon! {laughter} púwnw
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
>> welcome back. still no decision made on the joe
9:41 am
paternal statue. with special investigation report that officials covered up the misconduct of sandusky sandusky is expected to serve life in prison. >> 2 men are dead and a third injured in a thunderstorm lightning storm in houston. they were playing soccer. they were trying to seek shelter under a tree and lightning struck the tree. this area has been drenched in the last week with flooding. with 50-100 homes flooded because of these conditions. >> we will be back with an update on weather, traffic. we will be right back. this live look at san francisco. the james lick.
9:42 am
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
welcome back this piece of ice went through a roof and walnut creek. reggie kumar. >> this large piece of ice was facing the backyard. " it's a deadly, this happened on the friday july 13th. she was saying that her cat was getting stuck under the house and her toilet was overflowing it is expected that it was going 90 mph! >> it scared the daylights out of me. it was a huge piece of ice the size of a baseball. i was so relieved that my children were not out here. it was
9:46 am
traveling at such a fast rate. airplanes can sometimes drop by but it was a lot different. i did notice there was a very pungent smell. the ice was clear. there was no color. it almost. i do not want to say that it smelled like ammonia but it was definitely strong and i washed my hands several times. i just threw it in the bushes. >> the was no noticeable damage on their roof. reggie kumar, kron4. >>mark: a similar incident in fremont that a chunk of ice did act to cause damage. no injuries and that incident, either. federal aviation still investigating. >>daria: the sky is falling d w
9:47 am
i charges for kidd, driving drunk. and the southampton, n.y. leaving a charity event at 2:00 a.m. his car collided with a telephone pole. he was treated with minor injuries. he just signed with the new york knicks. >> jeremy lin, looks like he will be leaving the new-york next. leaving the knicks now going to texas.. they will probably not pay the $25 million over the three-year that he has agreed to with houston. plus,
9:48 am
the new-york nex---knicks... ban looking to go after a championship. >> buster posey going after a suite. this week. with the astros, now a 1.5 game average lead with the most victories. on their way to the atlanta. cobra. >> with four different home innings. oakland beat the twins a 9-4. this first career with one of these home runs. the a's have had victorious nine of the last 11 games. just second out
9:49 am
of their wild card. the yankees are going to be coming to the coliseum. >> 50 of the most valuable sports franchises. this is worth two and a quarter billion dollars. and real madrid and ny yankess and the sf 49ers and putting that into perspective. >>daria: good morning, daria. we cannot have been a major incidences to root report. the commute is winding down. perhaps the metering lights have been turned off. traffic moving somewhat decent. and better along the upper deck and the incline. with more space in
9:50 am
between cars on the right side towards foster city. and here, at the golden gate unfortunately still heavy fog and drizzle. but for the most part decent coming out of the north bay. on our traffic maps the bayshore and the peninsula. for those coming out of marin county we are still seeing speeds over 50 m.p.h. is under 25 minutes from novado into the city. it is expected to wind down just a little bit of a delay near livermore on westbound 580. >> thank you, erica. you will are able to participate with a make a wish foundation. >> here with your bay area weather it is alexandria. >> hello! {laughter}
9:51 am
>> good morning, alex. >> this is a live look for walnut creek what you see, sunny conditions or cloudy conditions? >> it is sunny. >> robert what is the temperature for san francisco? >> 54. >> great job. >> oakland? >> 60. and san jose. there is. what do you see? >> 62! >> and concord. >> 61 toward if we are starting to see a warm up in the east bay. and how about san francisco again. >> 59? >> i was pointing in the wrong
9:52 am
area, 62. >> oakland? >> 64. >> great job!. and is going to be cooler. yesterday we saw the 80s today are these 80s? >> what temperatures would you see in concord? >> 70's. 71! >> great job! and antioch? >> 78. >> fantastic. and what about for the rest of the week with our seven day around the bay right behind you and you can see tuesday. you can see the inland temp. >> emm? 72 and a great job. let
9:53 am
me point out that these temperatures are going to be warming to the weekend. saturday? >> 91! >> that is going to be hot? >> yes. and what about along the coast? >> 66. although ahead great job, alex! >> you just turned 5 years old. >> what do you like to do when it is really hot out? >> where short sleeves. >> and a swimming. and ---wear short sleeves and excited to start kindergarten. and who did you bring? >> his name is also alex. he brought some support. >> is this your friend?
9:54 am
>> hello, give us a wave, goodbye. have a great day. >> 9:54 we will be back. no traffic... ♪ [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection you can count on. introducing at&t u-verse high speed internet with more speed options, reliability
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>>mark: this car was stolen in 1970 in philadelphia. he just recently found it on ebay he still had the vin number he paid $3,000, now it is $32,000. >> he had to wait 40 years!
9:58 am
>> it a nice warm up have a great day. >> dr phil is next. ♪
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